I fully admit that the credit for this article has to go to one of my favorite people in the history of humanity and friendship, Samantha Russo, who you may remember better as the reigning Miss New Hampshire in 2013. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed earlier today and came across a post of hers -- it was one of those recommendation posts where she was asking where to find the best tacos in Manchester, NH.

So, I figured, since she got a TON of feedback and places recommended, I'd pass along what everyone had to suggest! So here are five of the best places in Manchester to get tacos, plus a bonus one!

The FARM Bar & Grille: I'm a MASSIVE fan of the The FARM's cornbread. Seriously, if you love cornbread with a little spice, you'll be in heaven. I'm also a massive fan of their wings, but this post is about tacos. The FARM offers up fish tacos on their menu, which comes with 3 soft shells filled with fried haddock (or baked if you request it) and all the taco fixins (cheddar cheese, pico de gallo and more!)

La Carreta - South Willow/Hooksett Rd: TONS of taco selections here, including a regular Taco Salad or a Grilled Taco Salad (the difference is self-explanatory). They also offer grilled chicken tacos, grilled steak tacos (your choice of shell), and they also have combo platters where you can get enchiladas or quesadillas AND tacos!

Taqueria Y Pastelitos To Go: So normally, you can get tacos stuffed with either chicken, beef, or maybe shrimp, right? This place goes WAY above and beyond, and also offers al pastor, chorizo or chicharron with their house special tacos. And as if that's not enough, they take it one step further -- BREAKFAST TACOS!

Nuevo Vallarta Mexican Restaurant: I have friends that are MASSIVE fans of authentic street tacos, and this is a place where you can get them. They offer their street tacos with grilled chicken, steak, chorizo or chicharron and the rest of the usual taco fixins. Taco salads also make the menu here, plus different specials that include tacos, too!

El Rincon Zacatecano Taqueria: This spot, BY FAR, got the most love on Samantha's post. There was actually a streak of about 4-5 commenters that mentioned El Rincon's before someone even came up with another suggestion -- that's A LOT of taco love! Of this list, they also offer the widest variety of tacos (their menu even has a section labeled "TACOS & MORE TACOS!" -- which says it all.

*BONUS - Barrio New England, Portsmouth, NH: I know this is a list of the best taco places in Manchester, but Samantha's post got so much Barrio love, that I had to include it on this list as a bonus. Sure, it's just under an hour away from Manchester, but their website literally says "tacos + tequila + whiskey" -- if you're putting that on your site, you BEST deliver. And they do! From build your own tacos, "el jefe's selecciones" of their favorite taco combos -- Barrio is definitely worth the drive.

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