Vanity plates in Maine are a big deal, lots of people have them and lots of people will put anything they damn well please on them.

But occasionally, someone in Maine will come up with something clever and original that will truly bring a smile to your face. And if you get the joke, this is one of those plates.

Facebook via Adam Carter
Facebook via Adam Carter

Shared on Facebook by Adam Carter, a quick glance at this license plate and you may be left wondering what exactly you're looking at. But take a closer look, and think about it for a second.

Well played, driver of that Audi.

Clearly, whomever is the owner of that vehicle lives in a world where sarcasm reigns supreme.

Oh, and if you still don't get the joke, we're not here to spoil it for you. Ask a friend and we're sure they'll be able to lay it out for you.

Just goes to show, it doesn't take salty language or innuendo to make a good vanity plate in Maine, just a little bit of cleverness.

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