Damariscotta Pumpkinfest

Pumpkinfest has been an epic annual event for the small picturesque coastal town of Damariscotta for years and brings just as many if not more tourists than during the summer.

This massive event that celebrates the greatness that is the pumpkin always has a number of epic events.

Annual Events

While events may vary year to year, visitors to the town can always expect to see Main Street lined with giant pumpkins that have been completely transformed by artists. Painted, carved, stacked, and completely Instagram-worthy.

Additionally, there's the pumpkin drop. In this event, a pumpkin is pulled up into the sky via a crane and, you guessed it, dropped! Typically onto a car or two. One year a giant pumpkin was even dropped into a swimming pool.

Other years have included pumpkin cannons and catapults.

Plus a parade, breakfasts, scavenger hunts, and more.

The main event is always the regatta where giant pumpkins are transformed into paddle and motorized boats.

Sadly, 2021 will look much different

2021 Changes

Pumpkinfest was cancelled for 2020 and things appeared to be going full speed ahead for 2021 as of July. Today organizers announced plans to scale the event back to a minimum. Pumpkinfest 2021 will ONLY feature the decorated pumpkins along Main Street.

This was decided after taking into consideration the state of the pandemic and wanting to follow Maine CDC guidance.

The pumpkins will go along Main Street on October 7th. Artists will work their magic the following 2 days and the pumpkins can be enjoyed for the following 10 days.

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