As Rock Row in Westbrook continues to develop into its vision of becoming a one-stop destination for shopping, entertainment, dining, housing, and office space, more and more businesses are grabbing spaces at this multimillion-dollar development that sits on what used to be a rock quarry.

The latest to put their "coming soon" sign at Rock Row is something that a lot of Mainers have been interested in, including our own Jadd, who wrote about wanting to see it show up at the Maine Mall. His dream is coming true, but it's happening 4.6 miles away from the mall.

Jamie Jamieson posted a photo on Facebook in March showing a coming soon sign hanging at one of the retail shops at Rock Row and a close look shows that the first Crumbl Cookies in Maine is about to land.

If I were playing Wheel of Fortune, I'd be buying an E and solving the puzzle, but Crumbl is "e free."

Two cousins, Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan started Crumbl Cookies with just one shop in 2017 in Utah selling just chocolate chip cookies for takeout or delivery. Their business grew fast and now they have weekly menus of six cookie flavors out of a possible 170 in rotation.

Crumbl Cookies became a huge sensation with a lot of help from Tik Tok. They currently have over 5 million followers and have an insane amount of videos highlighting their cookies which can only be described as food porn.

How many locations do Crumbl Cookies have in the country? As of right now, 400! Almost every state in the country has at least one and Maine is about to be added to that list that is growing fast.

As of this writing, there is no opening date announced that we can find for the Crumbl Cookies franchise at Rock Row, but keep your eye out. It sounds like this has the potential to have lines on par with neighboring Chick-fil-A.

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