Okay, just hear me out. I have never called the police before unless you count the time that I accidently called them when I was a kid (the dial-out was 91, and I thought I needed another 1 before pressing the rest of the phone number).

So, the other night was the first time that I ever called the police for anything.

Before you think that it was for anything super serious, I'll let you know that it wasn't. It was more for my safety and the safety of my neighbors.

Here's what happened...

There I was, sound asleep well all of a sudden at 10:15 pm, and my apartment buzzer (doorbell) went off. Now, I wasn't expecting anyone and all my family and friends know that I am always asleep by that time. So who could it have been?

Not even a minute goes by again when the buzzer went off for a second time. However, it wasn't only mine that was going off, the same person was also buzzing one of my neighbors!

Instead of talking through the intercom, I heard my neighbor do it, so I thought the issue was resolved...I was wrong.

It's important to know that during this time, the individual was also walking so fast back and forth to their car, that was on and running.

Both my neighbor and I refused to let this person into our building as they were not delivering anything and we did not know who they were.

I mean, that is just common sense, right? Well, the situation got weirder.

The person ended up moving their car a couple of spaces up and then went over to the building next to mine and was ringing their buzzers! Someone was heading out to walk their dog, so they let this individual into their building.

Some time went by and their car was still sitting outside, running (was this for a quick getaway?). Honestly, it was far too much time for them to have been dropping something off (which they had nothing in their hand).

Since it seemed the individual was acting a bit strange (kept going to and from their car and leaving their car on), I decided to get a quick picture of their plate.

I ended up calling the local police to do a drive-by and just check on the situation.

About 10 minutes go by before the police showed up (around 11 pm), and the person was still in the building. They checked the car and found no one else inside. When the police started walking towards the front door, the individual came out with someone else that was holding a big trash bag.

By peeking outside, I could see that the officer was trying to talk to them. They did not respond and quickly rushed to the car and took off. The police followed behind.

Now, here's the thing, there is both a front and back door. This individual could have easily let someone else inside, or they could have been honestly trying to talk to someone that was in that building.

Either way, the situation all seemed a bit out of the ordinary, especially to be ringing people's doorbells after 10 pm when people work the next day. That's what phones are for.

This person either did not know where someone lived or had worse intentions.

Do you think it was wrong to have called the local police to do a drive-by? Would you have called them?

Now, I do not try to think the worst of people ever, but this gave me a very uncomfortable feeling, especially since they chose to go to multiple locations and do this.

I guess this also kind of serves as a PSA. Do not let anyone into where you live if you do not know them, especially late at night.

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