Portland Jetport, like a lot of other businesses in this state, is facing some tough times. Think about all of the times you may have flown from Portland to visit relatives or that trip to Disney your family went on when you were a child. Now between dipping flights, empty parking spaces, and closed concessions and restaurants. The Airport where you got on your first flight is losing 1.6 million dollars a month.

“Normally, our parking operation would be generating a million dollars a month. Right now, the over 3,000 spaces we have, there are less than a hundred people parked on most day,” Portland Jetport Director Paul Bradbury told our news partners at WGME CBS 13. 

That being said, the Airport is hoping that this slowdown is only temporary and that they are taking the necessary precautions to protect passengers when they return to full capacity. Let us hope that the Airport that connects us to the world can recover from this disaster. 

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