It's been a wild ride for Bill Burr over the past few years. The veteran comedian watched his popularity skyrocket thanks to successful standup specials and starring roles in hit television series. Burr is also known for being a terrific podcast guests, able to quip about anything and everything on the spot. Now, he's bringing his latest hour of stand-up to Portland, Maine, on Friday, September 29 at the Cross Insurance Arena.

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Bill Burr's ascent to stand-up comedy superstar has been impressive. He headlined the first-ever comedy show at Fenway Park in August of 2022. It was another highlight in a series of career achievements for Burr. He's starred in multiple popular television series including Breaking Bad, F is for Family, and The Mandalorian. Burr has been a part of the notable video game series Grand Theft Auto as well. Burr is best known for his multiple, critically-acclaimed stand up specials over the course of the last 15 years. He's also been nominated for both an Emmy as well as a Grammy for his career work.

Through That F-in' Wall: An Evening With Bill Burr's"F Is For Fam
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Bill Burr is no stranger to performances in Portland, Maine, either. Burr did two sold-out shows in Portland back in 2014, delivering some of his edgiest material to an audience that felt uncomfortable at times. Burr loved every second of it, pushing the audience as far as they were willing to go during a pair of memorable performances. He returned again in 2016 for a larger show to another raucous audience.

Tickets go on sale for Bill Burr at the Cross Insurance Arena on Friday, March 24 at 10am.

NOTE: Bill Burr's performance in Portland, Maine, will be a phone-free experience. 


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