Many strong men and women have fallen to the nasty flu/cold that is passing through our workplace. We all try to wash our hands often and cough into our elbows, but which surfaces are the most likely to harbor nasty germs?

Break out the Lysol wipes and get busy disinfecting!

  • Your office kitchen refrigerator is gross inside and out, from the handle to the crisper drawer.
  • The pump soap dispenser in the bathroom is covered in germs that you just don't even want to hear about.
  • It used to be our work phones that I was most afraid of when it came to avoiding getting sick, now it's computer keyboards and mouse. Mice? Meese?
  • Shared electronics like a printer or copier.
  • Back away from the coffee maker, 'cuz you don't even want to know!
  • If drinking lots of water to stay healthy is your thing, bring in your own. Workplace water coolers are covered in germs, from the button you press to where the water comes out. Ick.
  • The microwave.
  • Pens that everyone shares are just the grossest. Why do some people never outgrow putting them in their mouths? I'm bringing back the pocket protector so that I'll always have one of my own pens on me.
  • And now the big one...your desk. I don't know what goes on after hours but the average desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. I had heard the stories but I thought they were just urban legends...

Don't rub your eyes! Don't touch your nose! No coffee! No computer! Bring your own hand soap!



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