Owning a coffee shop in Portland that isn't a Dunkin' or a Starbucks is a big deal. Going up against the big dogs for some is a losing battle. But some coffee shops in Portland have had longevity even if they're right next to a big chain coffee house. For example, Arabica on Free Street has been there for years, even with a Dunkin' right across the street. That tells me Portland is a big coffee drinking city.

So imagine my confusion when I heard that Coffee By Design was closing their Washington Ave location. Here's one of the older, more popular coffee houses in Maine. Why would they have to close one of their locations? That location has been open for 14 years this month. The place always has customers so it can't be the lack of business.

Their Facebook post from Monday of this week explains the reason for them not renewing their lease. Which has been a common theme for several restaurants around the Portland area that have had to close their doors.

Coffee By Design at Washington Avenue will continue as usual with the final day of business February 28, 2019.

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