2020 was a hard year for all of us, including Central Maine Power.


According to WGME 13, Central Maine Power is asking the Maine Public Utilities to hike up rates by 26 and a half million dollars. That's what CMP says they need to cover costs. That works out to an increase of about $3 per month on average.


What costs is this covering? Five major storms (remebmer the hail in June 2020?!) and of course the cost of the pandemic. Not sure how the pandemic hurt CMP as we were ALL using a ton of electricity staying home.

If this is approved it would start on July 1st. CMP has requested that the increase be spread out over three years. Right now the average electric bill for Mainers is around 87 dollars. That would increase to 90.00.

The PUC is scheduled to hear the case today.



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