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I have been skirting around in the same Honda Civic for years now. My reliable old girl has gotten me safely from Maine to Florida more times than I can count and when people ask when I’m going to sell it, I tell them I will be running this car into the ground.

Honda’s are reliable and durable and if you treat her well and maintain the necessary maintenance, you can ride around town in the same car for years and years. Hell, this Civic may even end up being my kid’s first car.

Well apparently, Chevrolet's are just as reliable and durable.

Maine Man’s Chevy Pickup Truck Might Hit 1 Million Miles

When I tell people I am going to drive my car into the ground I literally mean I am going to drive this car until it’s impossible to anymore. Google “million-mile Honda” and there are multiple Hondas out there that have surpassed one million miles.

That is insane!!

According to an article on News 84 Media, a Maine man may be hitting one million miles in his own pickup truck.

As the article shares, the Westbrook Mainer, Larry Ferrante, has been riding around in his Chevy pickup truck since 1993 after buying it for less than $500.

While the speedometer did fall off about 10-15 years ago at 605,000 miles, he predicts his Chevy is running smoothly at around 805,000 miles right now.

The 1989 Chevy pickup truck is still operating with the original engine, transmission, and drive train but he has put work into it to keep her purring. She is still chugging along!

As he nears one million miles, Ferrante’s only goal is to just keep his truck for as long as he can with his main passion to just keep the truck rolling. The number on the speedometer doesn’t matter (especially since there is no longer a speedometer), but just being able to use the pickup as his daily driver is what’s important to him.

I’m telling you, this is seriously going to be me with my Civic! Mine’s currently less impressive though; my 2013 is chilling at 148,000 miles and some change, so I have a LOT of driving to do if I’m going to catch up.

What's the highest mileage car that you've driven?

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