Honestly, you love seeing it. You LOVE seeing good things happen to great people, and one of New Hampshire's favorite chefs, Bobby Marcotte, is most definitely great people.

Early Saturday morning, Bobby posted all over his socials that he had the official go-ahead to announce that he "did a little something" and we should look for him soon again on the Food Network.

Now, based on Bobby's hashtags and the fact that Tournament of Champions II logos are all over the Instagram post, it's not hard to figure out what show Bobby will pop up on (although, it's zero shock that it's again Guy Fieri-related. I swear these guys are best friends.)

After I saw the post, I hit Bobby up to see if there was anything he could really tell me outside of what the post said, but I figured with a situation like this, there was some kind of NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in place making him keep everything under wraps.

What he DID tell me though, was that Guy picked Bobby has the first chef to represent Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives out of about 1,500 spots he's visited with the show. And after I did a little investigative digging (I really just went to the Tournament of Champions section on the Food Network website), it seems like Bobby will be on the second episode of the season.

The way the show seems to be set up right now is that 14 of the 16 competitors have been named on the website (the usual heavy hitters, including a former star of Iron Chef America, Cat Cora), with the final 2 competitors being named in a "play-in" wild card competition. The West Coast wild card play-in looks like it'll be episode 1, with the East Coast wild card play-in being episode 2, which you have to think Bobby will be on since, umm...we're on the East Coast?

So Bobby will have to do something he's done before, be the final chef standing between he and 3 others in order to earn the final spot in Tournament of Champions 2.

And considering a month ago, his episode of Guy's Grocery Games aired and he came a bit from behind to win his third GGG championship, my money is on Bobby. I'd LOVE to see him go up against some of the Chefs that have been in charge of judging his dishes in other GGG competitions.

Go get 'em, Bobby! Can't wait to watch you do your thing again! Plus, you can't NOT cheer Bobby on, because every time he wins, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital wins since he always donates portions of his winnings to St. Jude.

By the way, based on what I saw on the Food Network website and the little advertisement card in Bobby's post, Tournament of Champions 2 starts on March 7, so my estimated guess is Bobby's episode will air on March 14.

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