The weather in Maine can be tough for anyone to predict. But with all of the different TV stations and radio stations in the market, not to mention all of the apps and websites with weather forecasts, there are many different sources that want to be the one that people trust the most. So how do you know which is really the best?

WeatheRate is an independent, non-partisan, weather verification company. They recently studied the meteorologists who track weather for Portland, and awarded Channel 8 WMTW’s weather team the distinction of "Most Accurate Forecast in Maine."

“From sunny skies to wicked Northern New England storms, viewers can trust Maine’s Total Weather.  It’s clear that Maine’s Chief Roger Griswold and his team of Meteorologists have put their degrees to good work, earning the title, ‘Most Accurate Forecast’ every season….in fact, they have held this position for 3 years in a row,”

- Bruce Fixman, President and CEO of WeatheRate

Big congratulations to well as Sarah Long, Ted McInerney, and Jaqueline Thomas, for the honor!

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