Boston and surrounding areas have been an absolute hotspot for filming movies lately; from the Netflix original starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence called Don't Look Up, to the rumors that Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever is going to begin filming soon in Worcester -- everyone is flocking to this area for blockbuster filming.

Jon Hamm is no different.

The former Mad Men star was seen in Chinatown in Boston last week in front of the old China King (now the Ten Second Yunnan Rice Noodle) on Beach Street. Jon is working on his next project, serving as producer and star of an update to the 1985 Chevy Chase film, Fletch.

In the original comedy, according to Looper, Chevy starred as Irwin Maurice Fletcher, AKA "Fletch," an undercover reporter who is promised a boatload of money if he kills a millionaire. The catch, though, is that he's actually hired by the millionaire himself. The movie follows Chevy, as Fletch, realizing there's a lot more going on than what he originally thought.

Like with most popular movies, whenever word is tossed out about a possible reboot, fans start getting up-and-arms, which is exactly the same thing that happened when news dropped that Jon is rebooting Fletch -- except, Jon said it's not exactly a reboot of the Chevy flick.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jon mentioned that he has absolutely ZERO plans to try to impersonate or imitate Chevy's take on the character, in Jon's updated version titled Confess, Fletch.

“No one can touch Chevy’s portrayal of that character. [The books are] all really funny. It was my first kind of lesson in how people adapt characters for the screen. The character in the book’s a lot different than Chevy’s portrayal, and so when Bill Block at Miramax came to me and said, ‘You know, we own this and we think you’d be a good fit,’ I agreed, but I don’t want to imitate Chevy. I’m not interested in that and I don’t think anybody else would be. We already have that version, so maybe there’s a way to get a version that’s more true to life for the book, more intellectual and a little more live in its sensibility."

According to Looper, there's no release date for Confess, Fletch, yet, but odds are we're still a year or two out from seeing it hit the big screen. If you were a fan of the original with Chevy from 1985 (and the sequel from 1989), will you see the updated version with Jon? Or if you're interested in Confess, Fletch and never heard of the Chevy Chase version from the 80s, will you go back and watch those first?

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