Something you might not know about Cardi B? She's a Little Monster through and through, and Lady Gaga is happy to have her on board.

The Invasion of Privacy rapper caught the internet's attention this week when a video of her performing "Bad Romance" at a high school talent show surfaced. And among the viewers? Gaga, herself, who simply noted "I LIVE!"

Gaga also proved she's a fan of the rapper's debut studio album, and echoed lyrics from Cardi's "Get Up 10."

Cardi's been vocal about her love of Gaga for years, and told Billboard if there was a pop star with whom she could collaborate, it would be the Joanne singer.

“If I could ever collaborate with somebody I would love collaborating with one of my idols. Definitely gotta be Lady Gaga,” she said. “I wanna let you know that I love you, bitch!”

And for Cardi, it would amount to a long time coming.

"I went to high school for musical theater and technology. I used to do talent shows," she added. "In my freshman year, I performed Madonna's 'Material Girl.,,Junior year I did 'Love Game' and then senior year I did 'Bad Romance.'"

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