Obviously, when you buy tickets to a concert or a comedy show, you know you are going to see someone famous and that is exciting. But nothing beats the thrill of spotting a celebrity when you least expect it. Such as seeing John Cena at Wal Mart or seeing Seth Rogen getting a lobster roll in Rockland, Maine. How freakin' cool!

I am from a town in Central, Massachusetts called Leominster. It's not very well known; however, people know it because it's next to Fitchburg (as in Fitchburg State College) and people drive by it on route 2 and think, "I wonder how you are supposed to pronounce that?" For the record, it is pronounced: LEMON-STIR. I know, it makes zero sense.

Not to knock my hometown, but it's not a place that celebrities typically visit. It's not a vacation destination as it is about an hour away from Boston and an hour from the ocean. However, if you want to enjoy some kickass Italian food, Il Camino will change your life for the better.

When I saw that Chris Evans was in Leominster over the weekend I was a little salty! I lived in that town for 18 years and no one famous ever came to visit! Evans was filming scenes for his upcoming movie "Defending Jacob" in downtown Leominster as well as Doyle Field. He even took the time to sign a Captain America poster for a fan and her little brother.

Has anyone famous ever visited your hometown? Who was it?

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