It could take days or it could take weeks, but one thing is guaranteed -- someone in the Granite State (or a bordering state) is going to become $10,000 richer.

Who is Recycled Percussion?

Recycled Percussion is a New Hampshire-based band formed in 1995 in New Hampshire, all for a high school talent show. They started gaining popularity in 1999 when they were on the cover of USA Today, then blew up huge when they were featured on Season 4 of America's Got Talent back in 2009, where they placed third.

Chaos & Kindness

Recycled Percussion tends to follow the credo, "In a world full of chaos, it's important to show your kindness," which is the idea behind their Chaos & Kindness brand. Whether it's making donations to charitable organizations from their Chaos & Kindness merch sales, organizing toy drives around the holidays, or hiding $10,000 in the woods in New Hampshire.

There's no catch when it comes to being able to score the money. There's no promise that needs to be made of a donation or no qualifications that need to be met in order to be able to win the money -- you just need to solve the clues to the treasure hunt that the band has been dropping between their social media pages and texts to their text club.

It all kicked on Friday with the first clue being text to their Chaos & Kindness text club in the form of a video explaining the contest before giving the clue.

Clue Number 1 from Recycled Percussion on Vimeo.

Solving that clue will help you realize which sheet to work off of, then the next succession of clues so far have lived on the social media accounts involving the band, be general ones used by the band, or their personal accounts.

The second clue was posted to the Chaos & Kindness private group on Facebook, while the third clue was posted yesterday to the personal Instagram of Justin Spencer as well as their Chaos & Kindness store Instagram page on the stories section.

So far as of this writing, no one has found the treasure yet and towns are still be narrowed down to find exactly where the treasure is buried, so you still have a shot to win the money and you're not that far behind! Good luck!

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