This morning we welcomed my good friend and fellow filmmaker Corey Norman of Bonfire films into the studio.

Corey came in to chat about the upcoming short film he and his wife and co-producer Haley are working on. And the best part is the source material he is using.

Corey will be adapting Suffer the Children, one of Stephen Kings short stories, into a film and he will do it all here in Maine!

This is exciting on many levels.

  • For one, the lack of Film Tax Incentives in the state have resulted in almost all of the Stephen King movies being shot outside of Maine, despite the fact that nearly all of his books are set in Maine.

(As a native Mainer, it's safe to assume that I'm a big Stephen King fan.)

Bonfire films has already had amazing success with their previous shorts Natal and Tickle having obtained national distribution, and their feature film The Hanover House performing well in the horror film festival circuit.

So if anyone can handle a Stephen King movie, it's these guys.

For more information on the film or to help them reach their funding goals check out their video pitch or visit their Facebook page!