While shopping on Craigslist, I came across this listing for an unusual holiday present.

"christmas gift a ROCK ! Support local business - $65 (Winslow) 

Nordstrom store is selling rocks for $85 and $65, so I offer this chance to get half price rocks here just in time for christmas. What better way to say I love you for the holidays than to give a rock.PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS and DO NOT purchase the rock from that department store that probably imported the rock from some far away land. We lose business every time you buy a rock there.READ This LINK. Their rocks are flying off the shelf and they are sold outhttp://time.com/money/4595316/nordstrom-rock-sold-out/A reflection of your, "rock solid" love.Now at $35 and $65 while supplies last !

Don't wait. Enjoy a rock that will stay by you longer than your kids, your dog, and most marriages!

You can always count on the rock.

Each rock is unique and no two are alike. All rocks will very. The rocks are antiques because they are very old.

It never talks back, and keeps a secret and will never tell anybody. You can trust your rock.
Serious emails only with name and number if you wish to purchase a rock from me. Support our country and local jobs. Please do not order your rock from Nordstrom stores.

Lightweight but sturdy. Cash only. Will deliver in area free, with cash payment first.
Leave number for callback.
Will also mail orders when prepaid. Postage extra.
No refunds."

I have a lot of branches in my yard that could make terrific presents.