I like to drive. It's cathartic and freeing. I remember when I first got my license and took that first open road by storm. I was playing Missy Elliot and really feeling myself. That day I learned a very important lesson which was that even though I am being told to "lose control", I shouldn't.

This Maine road was in the country and very narrow and windy and I shouldn't have, "worked it" as hard as I did. However, I avoided getting into an accident and learned that Maine has some mega twisty-turny roads.

According to Hardy Wolf & Downing, there is more than just one dangerous road in Maine, and with 32,700 traffic accidents that happen each year, it's good to know which road to drive extra careful on.

There are so many different factors that come into play, the law office states, from bad driving aka speeding to wild game just chillin' in the road, to bad roads like potholes, bad stop signs, and no guard rails and much more.

"Statistically, where there are more people there is a greater probability of crashes," according to Hardy Wolf and Downing.

News Center Maine also highlights that "most crashes involve a high rate of speed."

Maine has narrow and hidden roads that can certainly increase the risk of accidents, and we've got crazy winters where the weather can play a big part in crashes.

Additionally, the game we have in Maine are also very sneaky. Just kind of waiting on the side of the road, ready to cost you thousands of dollars in car repair.  Sometimes you never know when a deer is going to run out into the road.

There are also intersections that can be extremely dangerous with hidden turns and blind spots everywhere.

Also, remember the highways and busy stretches on those roads.

Well, here are a few of the most dangerous roads in Maine. Where do you think is the most dangerous road in the state?

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