Yes, we've officially reached this point in the coronavirus pandemic. Nervousness and irritation from being stuck at home and unable to do many of the things we know and love have led lots of Mainers to beg and plead to keep out-of-staters from visiting Maine. Conventional wisdom would suggest it's a way to keep locals safer and healthier in these unprecedented times. That all sounds great until you "accidentally" become an out-of-stater. That's what happened to a woman in Bethel, so she took matters into her own hands to let people know she is DEFINITELY FROM MAINE.

Reddit via planningcalendar
Reddit via planningcalendar

Shared on Reddit by planningcalendar, a woman named Fran in Bethel wanted to make sure all of the locals knew that she was one of them despite her rental car being fitted with New Jersey plates. So Fran did what any good sense Mainer would do, she got some cardboard, wrote a little sign and tagged that right to the back of her rental vehicle.

Her ingenuity has probably still gotten her a few questionable looks around town, but with tensions high, it likely saved her the wrath of a some frustrated locals. So there's your answer Maine, not every Massachusetts, Connecticut or New Jersey plate you see is someone visiting, sometimes it's just Fran who's car is in the shop. We probably need a bumper sticker for this.

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