We asked...and YOU told us!!

The other day on the HOM Morning Show, Nikki and I asked listeners to call in and post on Facebook their favorite movies for kids 12 and under.

My daughters are 9 and 7, and we love watching movies together. I want to make sure that they see all of the best ones before they get to the age where they won't want to watch them.

I thought that we had already seen all of the best ones, but our listeners told us about a bunch that we haven't watched yet! Here are just a few of the movies that were mentioned most in the calls and comments:

The Neverending Story

Warner Bros.


TriStar Pictures

The Goonies

Warner Bros.

Old Yeller


The Parent Trap


Karate Kid

Columbia Pictures

Free Willy

Warner Bros.

Princess Bride

20th Century Fox



What's YOUR favorite movie for kids 12 & under? Let us know with a comment on the Facebook post below!