New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont are loaded with excellent ski mountains.

There is terrain for all types of ski levels here in New England, but not all skiers and snowboarders are compatible with the same mountains.

What I mean is that some mountains are made for terrain park expertise, some are best for learning icy conditions, some attract expert skiers, and others are made for beginners.

Two years ago, my wife-then-girlfriend learned to ski for the first time. I had to think a lot about where to bring her.

I have been skiing since I was six and snowboarding since age 12, so I can handle pretty much any terrain and mountain in New England, but she could not.

I would never waste my time or money bringing a beginner to a big mountain like Killington or Sugarbush. Why? Beginners wouldn't get the full experience, and the tickets are so expensive because you pay a premium for that expert level terrain.

Instead, I took her to Crotched Mountain, then Sunapee, then Attitash. Why there? They are prefect for beginners.

Some mountains are small and not too steep, like Wachusett, Bradford, and Nashoba. These mountains are great for first timers.

Some mountains are bigger but have wide trails, good beginner programs, and a history in teaching, like Cranmore and Bretton Woods.

Other mountains are good transition mountains. For example, when I was teaching my wife, we progressed up: Crotched, Sunapee, Attitash. Transition mountains are crucial when developing your skills. You can't jump from Ski Bradford to Cannon mountain.

*I refer to a transition mountain as a mountain that has beginner terrain available, as well as intermediate and expert level, without being daunting or too hard for a beginner to handle.

Whether you are teaching your children, your significant other, or just learning yourself, check out the best mountains to learn how to ski and snowboard in New England this year.

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