Today, January 9th, is National Law Enforcement Day. It's a day that people all around the world take to honor the men and women in blue who serve and protect. Here in Maine, the State Police, as well most local department, have an active presence on social media. They've embraced platforms like Facebook as a tool to quickly push important information out to the public. And you might be surprised to learn that some of the departments have Facebook pages with quite a large following. Some of them can actually be witty and downright hilarious with their posts, which often go viral. So in celebration of National Law Enforcement Day, here are the best Maine police departments to follow on Facebook, along with some examples of their most viewed posts:

Bangor Police Department

With almost 300,000 likes, the Bangor PD is the most followed police department Facebook page in Maine. And for good reason - they post great stuff! Several of their posts from the past year have gotten thousands of likes, comments and shares.

Maine State Police Headquarters

Another very popular Maine police page. Maybe not as funny as Bangor's, but very informative, with frequent posts.

Here are a few others worth a "thumbs up" on Facebook:


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