Do you ever get so frustrated with certain things happening in your life that you just want to smash some stuff to pieces? Of course, you don't want to break your own stuff...that would get very expensive very quickly. Well, there's a new place in Portland that's just waiting for you to go to and break THEIR stuff.

It's called Smashtastrope. They say it's Maine's first and only destroy room. I had a chance to visit them recently, and I had a blast!

Here's how it works - you go in, and choose from their smash menu. It's kind of like a restaurant, except instead of eating, you're smashing.

Next, you get to go "shopping" for stuff to smash. You can choose from tons of different things. I picked some bottles, a fan, a big mirror, and a few other things. You also choose your weapon.

AJ Dukette

Then, you gear up. They provide a suit, gloves, and goggles. Safety first!

AJ Dukette

Then, you get to head into your room and smash. Unleash your fury any way you'd like. You can work up to it, or just start going crazy right away.

I had a blast doing this...I highly recommend it!