A famous Midcoast Maine prognosticator has spoken.

The famous crustacean says to get out the long johns, wool socks, down coats, and mittens. Winter is coming early, well, at least according to Passy Pete.

WMTW-TV says that Belfast's own Passy Pete has made it a tradition of predicting if winter comes early, or if summer extends. The news station writes that the lobster selects between two scrolls. The scroll selected is then read aloud by one of the Belfast Barons, the protectors of the prognosticating prawn.

According to the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, this is what was written on the scroll.
"I have tested the deepest depths,
And polled the shallowest shoals.
I have worried about my safety,
And considered changing my goals.
But my integrity is strong,
And I hope to survive the day.
It is with great fear I declare,
Winter is on its way."

Winter is coming...

According to Mental Floss, Passy Pete has been making predictions since 2015. The colorful crustacean has essentially become a cult version of the fat rodent that lives in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Hey, maybe Pete will even have a holiday named after him one day. There's pretty much a holiday for everything now, so why not?

That certainly would help promote the original strategy of why the Passy Pete tradition began. According to Mental Floss, Belfast was hoping to boost late season tourism with a little help from their shellfish friend. Of course, he better always pick to extend the summer. And, as we discussed, that's not this year's outcome.

Whether you like what Passy had to say or not, don't worry. He will be back next year to predict again. The lovable lobster gets put back in his little spot in the harbor to enjoy another twirl around the Sun. Enjoy winter, folks.

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