Fire and Rescue crews are incredibly busy doing amazing work. Fighting fires, responding to accidents, emergency calls, and simply being there during some of life's scariest moments.

As any pet owner knows, our pets are an extension of our family. Our fur babies. I will never forget years ago when I was visiting my brother while his beloved cat had run up a very tall tree and the poor tuxedo cat could not seem to get down on his own.

It's an incredibly helpless feeling as a pet owner to see your fur baby just out of reach with nothing you can do and not knowing what they'll end up doing in an attempt to save themselves.

Thankfully on that day years ago the Newcastle Fire Department swung by with a big ol' ladder to lend a hand and get the cat down from the tree. That cat went on to live a long and happy life. And he never climbed up a tree like that again.

This week a pup named Maisie found herself in her own predicament. Maisie, who appears to be a labradoodle, was out with her human and managed to run off into a difficult situation she couldn't find her way out down a snowy rocky ledge.

Bath Fire and Rescue were quickly on the scene to lend a hand with one of their newest team members getting his first on-the-job rescue under his belt.

Thank you to Shift 3 for your heroism and may Maisie get extra snuggles this week.

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