Sunday was a day that I never saw coming.

You may be asking yourself, how did I get my heart broken? Well it's simple: because of an aardvark.

The longest-running children's animated series "Arthur" concluded its 25th and final season after its start back in 1996.

I remember growing up watching "Arthur" almost daily, and I won't lie to you, I even switched my major in college after watching an episode.

"Arthur" showed the struggle of friendship and taught life lessons to children.

Growing up in New England, Arthur and his friends (and family) were an inspiration.

The finale of the show showed viewers exactly who Arthur and his friends became by jumping 20 years in the future.

Luckily, Boston Children's Museum is keeping "Arthur" alive.

Going there brings back all the nostalgia of the characters and songs that I have been watching since 1996. And it probably will for both you and your kids.

The museum has amazing places for photo ops with some of your favorite characters, and still educates children (or adults) about different topics.

The best part of the exhibit is seeing yourself on TV with Arthur and his friends.

Yes, it is possible. You can sing and dance along to the theme song or one of your favorite songs from the show (mine being "Library Card").

A green screen behind you puts you right into the action.


There is so much more to do than just take photos and pretend that you are on TV.

Boston Children's Museum allows both children and parents to get involved, especially when flying across the country as a co-pilot in this exhibit!

What the museum does an amazing job of is putting visitors in both the book settings, as well as those from the show.

Visitors can enter some of their favorite "Arthur'" scenes like Arthur's family kitchen, Mr. Ratburn's classroom, and the backyard sleepover (be warned, aliens are welcome).

This exhibit is an amazing experience for families as well as anyone that is a fan of Boston's favorite aardvark, Arthur.

It's the perfect way to keep "Arthur" going even if the show just ended. Have you been to see the "Arthur" exhibit?

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