Missed Connections

Many of us have been there; we’ve been on a bus across town, a line in the grocery store, or sitting in a restaurant and have a special connection with a stranger that feels like more than just eye contact.

That steamy moment stays with you, burning in the back of your mind for longer than the eye contact even lasted. Those instances consume you because you’re stuck wondering, “what if”, and even, “who the hell was that?”

Missed Connection at Sebago Brewing Co. in Gorham, Maine

As Hillary calls it, this phenomenon is “eye fluffing” but your imagination can replace that second word with something else I can’t type.

Our new dear friend Hillary was eye-fluffed last week and we are on the hunt for her possible future lover. Were you the hottie that eye-fluffed Hillary? Were you there as a witness? Do you know someone who matches the following descriptions and know they have a hankering for local craft beer?

Here's what we know so far:

  • Hillary was at Sebago Brewing Co. in Gorham on Wednesday, November 23 around 3:36 p.m.
  • Steamy and sustained contact was held with a man in his mid-thirties
  • Hillary is a tall redhead in her mid-late-thirties
  • She was there with three kids. They may or may not have had shoes on at one point
  • The eye-fluffer was alone
  • He was wearing a flannel, an olive military-style, fashionable jacket, jeans, and boots
  • He has brown hair and the start of a growing beard

I know, I know, that sounds like every Maine man. Now I'm kind of wondering what my boyfriend was up to on November 23 at approximately 3:36 p.m....

On the Hunt for the Mystery Man 

So, what do we do from here?

We scream from the top of the Time and Temp building until we track down this man, connect these potential love birds, and cry at their wedding.


Message us on the Q App, DM us on Instagram or Facebook, call us up at 775-7979, or send us snail mail, whatever mode of communication you use.

We're going to find this guy... I just know it.

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