Generally, there are two kinds of people who enjoy the outdoors. You have the quiet and calm types, who couldn't be more ecstatic to spend an entire day fishing on a calm pond or laying on a beach soaking up the sun while listening to the crash of the waves. But you also have the adrenaline types, those seeking to push themselves to climb a new mountain, discover a new trail or perhaps ride a 'whitewater rollercoaster' in a tube along the Kennebec River in Maine. Yes, you read that right.

This specialty tour is called the "the bubble trip" by Bullfrog Adventures in Caratunk. The naming of trip is based on what you'd essentially be doing if you took up the challenge, riding the "bubble" of a rising river in your river tube. If your heart is skipping a few beats, let us explain.

According to Bullfrog Adventures, the "bubble trip" starts 8 miles up river from where a normal whitewater rafting excursion would begin. Rafting trips take place after the daily dam release for maximum excitement, but the "bubble trip" begins prior to the release. You'll put your tube in, paddle through Black Brook rapids (typically a class 4 rapid at high water) and then wait for the dam release. Why wait? Well, that's what makes this trip. After the dam release, the water level of the Kennebec River will rise fast, and in your tube, you'll ultimately be riding the bubble of that rising water creating a 'whitewater rollercoaster'. On a typical bubble trip, you'd experience nearly 6 consecutive miles of whitewater while riding the bubble before reaching the takeout area.

This is a specialty trip and requires a reservation along with meeting a few age and health requirements. More details can be found here.

So if you're looking to take your tubing adventure to a whole different level, Maine has got you covered. If you're daring enough that is.

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