Christmas is now close enough where people are wondering if we'll have a white Christmas. I don't envy meteorologists at this time of year. Forecasting weather is not an exact science, especially a week out. However some of our local meteorologists have taken a stab at it.Below are the local meteorologists opinions on a white Christmas as posted to Twitter.

Todd Gutner of WCSH and Roger Griswold of WMTW are truly local. I've included our old friend Pete Bouchard from WHDH in Boston who used to be our meteorologist on The Q Morning Show until he made the big time. He still lives in Maine though. Keith Carson used to work at WCSH until he made the even bigger time at The Weather Channel where he schmoozes with Al Roker. He's still originally from New England though so both Keith and Pete count in my book.



Pete's forecast is for Boston, but that's close enough right?




So take that for what it's worth a week before Christmas. Things can always change in that time. Keep your shovel handy just in case.

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