This looks like something right out of a zombie apocalypse and it happened behind a shopping plaza in Portland.

TikTok user Julie Rose (julielusc334) shared a video that she mentions was shot behind a plaza in Portland. Try as I might, after a thorough search of Google Streetview, I couldn't figure out which shopping plaza this was, but it's clearly in Maine as the license plates on the cars have chickadees on them.

The video was taken out Julie's front door and captures several people wandering aimlessly around behind the plaza, around loading docks and parked cars. They walk slowly, then sometimes stop. Then start walking again, or turning in a different direction. It's totally bizarre.

Julie asked on her post, "Saw this in Portland, Maine today can somebody please explain what this is??? Just a bunch of people slowly pacing back and forth behind a plaza building."

As of this writing, the video has over half a million views and thousands of comments, with people speculating on what the heck is going on here:

Ever seen the movie The Happening… 😳"

maybe it’s a set for a show i saw adds for a movie w a similar plot this could b advertising like how they did with the movie smile"

Matrix glitch"

The most logical thing I've read in the comments on what this could be was this from jules f:

I took a meditation class once and we had to go outside and do a mindfulness walking exercise and it looked like this 😅😅😅

Maybe it is mediation, but regardless, this is super creepy to see looking out your window.

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