So here we are all trying to exist through the strangest year ever, right? If you think 2020 that has been one bad thing after another, it could be worse. According to, ay back in 536 A.D., a supervolcano erupted leaving most of the human beings on Earth under a cloud of ash for the better part of two years. That caused famine and a destruction of the worldwide economy and just as that cleared up, humans were welcomed by the Bubonic plague. So yeah, it could be worse. With all that calamity, one thing 536 A.D. definitely didn't have? Roads out to get us all. Welcome to Maine, 2020.

Reddit via Poppa_Pepperoni
Reddit via Poppa_Pepperoni

Shared on Reddit by Poppa_pepperoni, there's a road in the small town of Embden, Maine that apparently has a mind of its own. The locals have become so concerned about this dangerous and deceitful road, that a warning sign had to be constructed to warn visitors to Embden Pond. Sure, coronavirus is terrible and nobody wants to get it, but this road could also cause you some serious damage.

While the sign itself is clearly written in jest, we're quite curious if the road itself is actually terrible. Was the sign just a play on some dark humor because everyone is bored, or is this particular road in Embden in desperate need of some tender love and care? For now, let's all just be cautious. Drive slow and wear a helmet when visiting Embden. We hear the roads there are something else.

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