Near the end of February, long range forecasts promised an ugly weather month of March for the New England region. It appears those forecasts may have been right. Fresh off the heels of digging out from a big winter storm on Saturday, people throughout New England will want to grip their shovels and gas up their snowblowers, because another powerful storm appears to taking aim at the region.

Shared on Twitter by Pete Bouchard of NBC Boston 10, the early models are indicating yet another substantial storm that could heavily impact the northeast next weekend. Much like what the region endured last Friday and Saturday, this storm holds the potential to drop large amounts of snow as well as bringing heavy wind gusts and the potential for power outages.

There's another key similarity this potential storm shares with the one New England just got hit with. Prior to last weekend's storm fully developing, there was some doubt whether or not the atmospheric conditions would allow 10-18 inches of snow. For several days last week, it appeared the storm would be more of a wintry mix. This potential storm shares the same possible outcomes depending on which model you're using.

For now, it's all but certain that Maine and the rest of New England will see some sort of wintry weather on Friday or Saturday of this coming weekend. Whether or not that's a mix of snow and sleet/freezing rain or just another haymaker of wet flakes remains to be seen. Local meteorologists had pinned down the severity of last weekend's storm by Wednesday and Thursday. The same will likely be true for this potential storm.

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