Earlier this week, a lobsterman off the coast of Stonington, Maine hauled in an incredibly rare albino lobster. Some estimates call that a 1-in-100 million catch. Because of the timing of the year, that albino lobster was deemed a "ghost" of sorts. Halloween puns are all the rage. So what are the chances that in an entirely different part of Maine, someone else sees a 'ghost'? Well, it happened.

Shared on Facebook by Tami Smith in the Maine Wildlife group, her parents stumbled across something in the woods that caused them to do a double-take. What was that bright white creature climbing a tree? As it turns out, it's a rare albino porcupine. According to estimates from the Missouri Department of Conservation, 1 out of every 10,000 porcupines can be albino. They're incredibly rare in the small town of Bradford, Maine, where the human population is only about 1,300.

An albino porcupine caused quite the stir in Maine just last year. According to the Portland Press Herald, a fluffy albino porcupine made headlines throughout New England when it was spotted and photographed in Kennebunkport. It went viral because it was a baby albino porcupine and it was just too cute.

That's two 'ghosts' spotted in Maine in the week leading up to Halloween. We still have a few days left, what else will be seen?

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