It was literally nothing. It was a low-key funny one-liner about sports. On Twitter. And the backlash that's come with it and the threats are just absolutely disgusting.


Let's rewind back to Saturday night first in case you missed what happened.

Celtics vs Lakers

For decades, one of the biggest rivalries in the NBA has been the Celtics and Lakers. On Saturday night, January 28, the next chapter was written as the Lakers were in Boston playing the Celtics at TD Garden.

The score was tied 105-105 with about four seconds left in the game. LeBron James went for the game-winning shot, missed it, basically threw a temper tantrum on the court after the refs didn't call a foul, and the game was forced into overtime (which the C's won by four.)

Anna Horford on Twitter

If you're any kind of fan of the Celtics, even just a casual one, you probably have seen and maybe even follow Anna Horford on Twitter. Anna is the younger sister of Celtics star Al Horford, and usually live tweets during the games. Including the one against the Lakers on Saturday night.

Following LeBron jumping around the court and then falling to his knees after his missed layup, Anna posted a Tweet she later deleted because, as she later commented, "people started sending too many threats."

Not a big deal and honestly, not even really that big of a batch of smack talk.

Getty Images / NBC10 Boston via YouTube
Getty Images / NBC10 Boston via YouTube

Threats Against Anna Horford

What followed is some of the most disgusting responses and threats to an absolutely harmless Tweet that might exist on the internet in general. There are probably countless more, but Anna took screenshots and posted some of them for all to see.

And by the way, these are most definitely NSFW.

Honestly, there are a few more she posted up but I'm not comfortable embedding them in this article. But one of them compares what's going to happen to the Celtics plane with a picture from 9/11, and the other one is a meme of Woody from Toy Story that mentions it's going to be "r*** time" when the commenter sees her in Boston.

And the scary part is people actually tried defending those reactions and basically said that Anna deserved it for "purposely taunting fans then getting upset."

While Al himself hasn't made any comments about the threats his sister received, pretty much the entirety of New England stuck up for Anna and got her back over the insane comments and threats she was getting over one harmless Tweet.

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