Last week on the HOM Morning Show, Nikki and I had the guys from Paul White Company in the studio with us, to reveal the winner of the Ugly Kitchen Countertop Contest. In case you missed it, we were asking listeners to submit pictures of their ugly countertops, for a chance to win an upgrade from Paul White Company, valued at up to $5,000. We had hundreds of submissions...and to be quite honest, our eyes were pretty sore from looking at all of those ugly countertops. But alas, only one winner could be chosen. And the winner is....


Carol & Wayne Harrison
Carol & Wayne Harrison

Wow, that's one ugly countertop! I mean, would you look at that color? Have you ever seen a countertop that's THAT bright yellow? Carol and Wayne told us that the countertop came with the house when they bought it several years ago. They've been meaning to replace it, but just never got around to it. Well, now, they won't have to...Paul White Company is doing it for them!

You can listen to the big on air announcement below. And if your countertop is ugly like this one, be sure to reach out to Paul White Company...they'll take good care of you!


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