Dear Rek-Lis Brewing,

Or more specifically, this should go to my server last weekend at Rek-Lis. I think his name was Tom, but I was too embarrassed by my existence at this brewery last Saturday to remember his name anyway (plus, full disclosure, I'm TERRIBLE with names.)

I was in Bethlehem last weekend for a family wedding. Since it was an evening wedding and everyone knows that you don't eat actual food at weddings until forever o'clock, a few of us decided to grab a bite beforehand to have a good padding in our stomach for, ya know, wedding things. Rek-Lis Brewing Company was less than a half-mile away from our hotel, plus I've heard good things, so we decided to check it out.

And that's when it began.

Tom (I really hope that's your name, Mr. Server Sir, because that's how I'm going to refer to you for the rest of this letter), you came right up to the table as soon as we were seated and did all the right things. Asked if we wanted drinks, explained what some of your more popular brews were, and casually mentioned the fact you have 8-beer flights. EIGHT BEERS!

Obviously, we were all in. You brought us the cards to fill out which beers we wanted for our flights, gave quick opinions and descriptions on what some of them were when we asked, then came back for our orders. And this is where I felt at my absolute most diva, and even though it's literally out of my control, I'm SO sorry for what happened over the next 10 minutes (that felt like an eternity for me, personally.)

Right off the bat, before we even ordered any food, I had to ask you what kind of oil that the kitchen uses for frying. You said you'd double-check with the kitchen just to make sure you gave me the right information since an allergy was involved (I'm deathly allergic to peanuts, peanut oil is very much a no-go for me). You came back with the good news that it was canola oil, and you thought the rest of your serving session with us would be easy peasy.

You thought wrong.

Because when my cousin and I decided to order the bone-in wings to split as an appetizer, with half buffalo and half BBQ sauce, I had to feel like a diva again.

"So, I know I'm super annoying, but here's the thing. I also have a soy allergy. Is there any soy sauce in the BBQ sauce? Because I've run into that before."

I expected an eye roll. Maybe even a barely noticeable annoyed sigh. What I got was you saying you didn't think so, but you'd again check with the kitchen to make sure I was fully in the clear. You came back in record time to tell me that I was again in the clear.

Thankfully, my needy self didn't have a third over-the-top request or question for you, so hopefully, it wasn't TOO miserable of an experience for you. But I just wanted to make sure you knew that your amazing customer service didn't go unnoticed. In a time where servers, food runners, bartenders, and the like are all stressed to the max from being understaffed, overworked, and unfairly treated by rude patrons, the fact that you went above and beyond the way you did was beyond appreciated.

Plus, the fact that the Carnitas Burger with that honey chipotle sauce was one of the most delicious things I've ever put to my face, coupled with 8 different delicious samples of beer to wash it all down -- that was just the cherry on top.

Thanks again, hope-your-name-is-actually-Tom. I may live a couple of hours away from Bethlehem, but I'll definitely be back. This time without all the annoying questions since I already know the answers.

- Jadd

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