Arghh matey. This Sunday, September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I think that means it is a fantastic day for a pirate story.

I love a good pirate story, like most Mainers. We have tales of Blackbeard burying his treasure somewhere in Maine and I actually know a real life pirate, or at least he plays one. Today’s story involves an encounter with a pirate who surprisingly had a tender heart. Could it be?

In 1720, Mary Wallace was born into this world on a ship carrying her family from Scotland named the The Wolf according to the tale at The ship was attacked by a pirate possibly named Don Pedro. After boarding the ship, the pirate captain heard a baby crying and investigated.

He approached the baby’s mother and offered her a deal. He would release the ship, passengers and cargo if the new mother named her baby Mary after Don Pedro’s mother. To the baby’s mom, Elizabeth Wilson, this seemed like a great deal and so Ocean Born Mary received her name. It’s even said that the sentimental pirate gifted the baby with green cloth made of silk to be used one day for her wedding.

Mary settled in Londonderry and later Henniker, New Hampshire where her son Robert would build the Ocean Born Mary House. There are many ghost stories and tales surrounding this house but none appear to be true. Don Pedro did not bury his gold here. He is not buried here and really never visited. However his legend and his unexpected compassion lives on in the mostly true tale of Ocean Born Mary.

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