As Central Maine, and the state in general, sees an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, at least one local school system is considering going fully remote.

Winthrop Superintendent of Schools Jim Hodgkin has said the number of positive cases in the school district, and the number of people who need to quarantine because they were close contacts of the positive cases, may necessitate the closure of the schools.

According to WGME, in the short few weeks since the start of the 2021-2022 school year, over a dozen students in the Winthrop school system have tested positive for COVID-19.  Those dozen illnesses have affected approximately 60 students and several staff.  One of the big changes this year has been the move for all students to be in school five days a week.

Already, the superintendent of schools has announced that Wednesday (September 22nd) will be a remote day for the school system.

One of the major issues is the amount of time people must quarantine.  Current CDC guidance is that a person who tests negative after five days may return to daily life (work, school, etc).  However, the Maine Department of Education has not accepted that current guidance.  As a result, students and staff must quarantine for ten days.

The school district plans to begin pooled testing of students and staff in October.

***While Hodgkin has used the word "close" we assume that means that the school would be going fully remote.***

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