As a last ditch effort to save the family farm, a GoFundMe has been created to assist after a lightning strike killed eight of the farm's heifers.

Fortin's Farm, most notably memorable by its red, white and blue barn roof, is seeking the assistance of people here in Central Maine after last week's storm caused the unthinkable to happen. As eight of John Fortin's heifers were standing underneath a tall pine tree, seeking shelter from the torrential rain, a lightning bolt hit the tree and instantly killed all eight heifers that were gathered beneath it.

According to someone familiar with the situation, these heifers had just reached the age where they would start to reproduce calves for the farm. To make matters worse, the cow's meat was also not able to be harvested making this event a total and tragic loss.

The farm has insurance, however the insurance only covers damage done to other people's property by the cows, not when damage is done to the actual cows by acts of God or otherwise. If you'd like to help a great local family keep their farm just click right here to donate to the GoFundMe. At last check, $6,028 of the $15,000 goal had been reached.

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