Put yourself in this situation -- you work hard all your life, bust your hump for over 60 years just to accomplish one dream: owning your own home on the ocean. After YEARS of hard work and overcoming obstacles, you FINALLY realize that dream -- that house on the ocean? IT'S YOURS! You did it!

Then, out of nowhere, you pull up to your dream home to see it in flames. And suddenly, your dream, your life, and your world is turned upside down. Because according to WCVB Channel 5 Boston, that's exactly what happened to Vietnam Veteran, Sue Simoneau. After working so hard and so SELFLESSLY (on top of being a veteran, she was also a hospice nurse until her retirement), her dream home in Wareham, Massachusetts, is left in shambles still after a fire in the Fall of 2019.

So, here's where I use the ole go-to line, "nobody looks out for their own like New Englanders," and I could even add another layer to it -- nobody looks out for their own New England veterans, like other New England veterans.

James Pooler, who is a local Army Veteran, came across a Facebook post about Sue's situation, and reached out in attempts to help her and help rebuild her home. But while he's been a massive help, there's still so much more work to do.

This honestly reminds me of the story that came out around the holidays where a Massachusetts woman was suffering from cancer, and that was her family's focus so much to the point that they didn't even decorate for the holidays. One of her friends posted in a Facebook group asking if anyone could help bring the Christmas Spirit to the family in their tough time, and a contractor demanded to help, and do it all for free.

While this is a bit of a different situation, I think you can see the similarities, right? And even though Sue hates asking for help and isn't necessarily asking for hands out, she could use the help. Once you see the state of her home (and thankfully, she's been bouncing between a few different places to stay for now), you'll understand how much help is needed. And the hardest thing for her, too, is that she doesn't have a ton of money to pay for all the repairs she needs, so she's hoping that for all the years of giving she's done, that karma will come back around.

A Facebook donation page has been set up to help raise funds for Sue, along with detailing the exact works she needs in order to make her residence feel like HOME again.

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