At times, the world can feel fueled by hate and divisiveness. Sometimes we need a happy reminder that kindness and love still exists in the world. It's important to amplify the loving voices in the world in hopes that one day we can drown out the hateful ones. That is why Chio and I have out segment called, "The Good Stuff". We share positive and encouraging news stories, the ones that hit you square in the feels and we do this twice a morning! We need to hear those stories now more than ever.

I follow the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page and it is a great source for "Good Stuff" stories. People are doing great things for each other and their communities right here in the Granite State. Our listener Al Poulin captured this moment yesterday at the DMV in Nashua, New Hampshire. Then Amy Jo Coveno‎ shared it to the u local New Hampshire Facebook page. It was exactly what people needed to see!

Amy Jo Coveno‎u via u local New Hampshire (photo credit: Al Poulin)
Amy Jo Coveno‎u via u local New Hampshire (photo credit: Al Poulin)

She captioned it:

"PVt first class Lavalley/ 237th MP unit shields this elderly women from heavy rain in Nashua DMV while assisting the state distribution of PPE"

How beautiful is that? The response to this photo has been overwhelming. It has been shared over 200 times, has 2,000 likes, and has tons o' comments. Here are what the people are saying:

Terri-Anne RobieThank you for the photo we need more like this 💙💙💙 and thank you to the serviceman for keeping us safe ❤️❤️💙💙❤️❤️

Carol LeblancSuch compassion!! Kudos to you sir

Irmgard Throneberryhero in every sense

Christine BassGoes to show that there are still good people out there . Thank you for your service and your manners .

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