I picked the perfect time to escape the cold and soak up some sun!

You may have noticed I was off the air for a few days, with Nikki holding down the HOM Morning Show solo. I decided last minute to take a short trip down to Ft. Myers, Florida.

I had been wanting to take a quick trip somewhere warm for a while now. And then it hit me - if I headed down to Ft. Myers, I could not only get some beach time, but I could also check out some spring training baseball at JetBlue Park, home of the Red Sox!

And don't get me wrong...I love my kiddos...but this vacation was just for me. I went down solo! Vacationing by yourself can actually be a lot of fun...you can go at your own pace, decide where you're going and what you're doing each day on your own, and only be responsible for yourself. I loved it!

Here are a few pics and videos from my trip. I had a blast, and will definitely be going back to Ft. Myers in the future!