About a month ago, Nikki and I read somewhere that a good sign an adult is healthy is if they can do 40 push ups in a row. I hadn't done push ups since I was a kid, and I was curious to see how many I could do. So I gave it a shot, and you can see how that went in the video below:

A lot of people might say that twenty push ups in a row is a pretty respectable number, but I really wanted to be able to do forty. So, I said that I would train for thirty days, slowly working my way up to forty push ups. Although I set out to do them every day, I wasn't exactly able to stick to that. So when it came time for us to shoot the video, I still hadn't done forty in a row yet. Here's what happened:

So the good news is that yes, I made it to forty. The bad news - my form wasn't great, and those last few were pretty questionable. But there's no doubt that I made progress, right?

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