Maine has many different varieties of license plates issues by its Bureau of Motor Vehicles. In 1994, Maine began to produce specialty plates that would allow drivers to show their support for something of distinction, be it a charity or an organization.

The registration fee is a bit more, but a portion of the extra fee goes to the organization or cause that the owner supports.

Since the program began, 9 different plates have been designed that are available to anyone registering a vehicle in Maine, and now an organization is hoping their plate will be the tenth.

Maine Outdoor Brands is hoping that the Maine Legislature will approve the Maine Adventure Plate.

Maine Outdoor Brands
Maine Outdoor Brands

According to the description on their website, Maine Outdoor Brands a non-profit alliance of outdoor companies and organizations committed to building a stronger, more sustainable outdoor recreation economy in our state — all while helping more Mainers explore the outdoors.

They are driving force behind the Maine Adventure plate, which artist Bri Dostie designed the plate depicting a Maine lake with canoe in the water and a bird flying over head that has caught a fish. The design of the word MAINE is taken directly from Maine Outdoor Brand's logo.

In order to get the plate produced, like all other specialty plates, 2,000 valid signatures must be collected from people putting down a $25 deposit on the plate. Once collected, the Maine Legislature must vote to approve the plate for production.

If approved, the proceeds from the Adventure Plate will be used for programs and initiatives to support Maine’s outdoor recreation economy.

In case you were wondering, here are the other nine specialty plates that any Maine resident can have on their vehicle for the added fee:

  • Loon Plate introduced in 1994 to support conservations with proceeds going to support state parks and the Endangered and Nongame Wildlife Fund.
  • University of Maine Plate introduced in 1995 with proceeds going to the University of Maine System Scholarship Fund
  • Maine Lobster Plate introduced in 2003 with proceeds going to the Lobster Research, Education and Development Board
  • University of Maine Black Bear Plate introduced in 2003 with proceeds going to the Maine Black Bears Scholarship Fund
  • Agriculture Plate introduced in 2007 with proceeds going to the Maine Agriculture Education Fund
  • Support Our Troops Plate introduced in 2007 with proceeds going to provide financial assistance to the members of the Maine National Guard, residents of the State who are members of the Reserves, the families of those members, or to be used for other emergencies and special needs as determined by the Support Your Troops Advisory Board.
  • Support Wildlife Plate introduced in 2008 with proceeds going to the Fish Hatchery Maintenance Fund; the Boat Launch Facilities Fund; the Maine Endangered and Nongame Wildlife Fund; and the Support Landowners Program.
  • Animal Welfare Plate introduced in 2009 promotes animal welfare and pet adoption efforts in the state
  • Barbara Bush Children's Hospital Plate introduced in 2018 with proceeds going to The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital to support ongoing pediatric programs

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