Ever wish you had the opportunity to run into someone who told you that you'd never make it, and rub it in their face that you did?

Adam Sandler, probably the most successful entertainer ever who can say they grew up in New Hampshire, recently had that chance. And how he chose to handle the situation was, well, interesting.

Sandler recently sat down with fellow actor Brat Pitt, for an interview for Variety. During the interview, he told the story of when he was a NYU, one of his teachers took him out for a beer, and told him that he wouldn't make it as an actor, and that he should find something else to do with his life.

Several years later, Adam was out with some friends, and unexpectedly ran into the teacher. But rather than rubbing his success in the teacher's face, Adam told his friends "this is the only teacher to ever buy me a beer!"

I think that this story tells us a lot about Adam's character. Many people might be tempted to gloat or belittle the person who said they wouldn't amount to anything. But in this situation, Adam took the high road. What a class act!

Watch the full interview below:

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