The town of Durham, NH has held an annual Christmas tree lighting celebration for years now. But this year, people will notice some changes to the tradition, in an attempt to make the festivities more inclusive.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, the town is switching a few things up about the event. Rather than it being know as a "tree lighting," it has a new name - Frost Fest. There will still be a tree, and it will still be lit. Santa will still be there, but he won't be making his usual grand entrance. It's all in an effort to make the event less focused on Christmas, and more about celebrating the season. Another big change - no more wreaths hung on the light posts. Apparently they were deemed to Christmasy.

Of course I'm all for inclusiveness, but I think this is going just a little too far. Isn't it possible for us to have these things, and not have people be offended?

What do you think about the town's changes to their event? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post.

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