After having to keep it secret for 8 months, the cat can officially be let out of the bag -- according to the Food Network, the best Christmas Cookies you'll find in the country are in New England.

Renee Terry just won Food Network's 'Christmas Cookie Challenge'

Last Thursday evening, the Food Network aired the season 5 finale of their annual 'Christmas Cookie Challenge' show, which pits some of the best bakers from across the country against each other in a baking competition to win $10,000. This past season, an Amesbury, Massachusetts baker named Renee Terry was one of the contestants.

And after Thursday night, Renee can say she's a Christmas cookie champion.

The owner and operator of Sweet Cheeks by Renee in Amesbury, Renee held a viewing party with her family and friends to celebrate her big win live as it aired (which was recorded all the way back in April, by the way!) She told the Newburyport News that she thinks what put her over the top for the win in the final competition was her usage of the special ingredient.

"We were required to put 3D elements on our ugly Christmas sweater cookie and my three elements went above and beyond everyone else. I put a lot of 3D elements on there."

Well, that and the fact that she said her cookies actually taste as great as they look, telling the Newburyport News that she has her own custom recipe that doesn't taste like a typical sugar cookie.

It's also pretty obvious she takes pride in her work. Renee has a TikTok page where she shows off her technique and design. Look how in-depth she goes with design and how much time she spends on ONE COOKIE geared around fall in New England!

If you're looking to sample the best Christmas cookies in the country, you're a bit out of luck as Renee told the Newburyport News that she's currently booked out through February 2022. The good thing, though, is she's all about sharing her skill! Renee actually teaches classes, which you can find out more about on her website while you're ordering her carefully crafted delicious treats!

Congrats, Renee!

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