I love this so much not only because I'm involved, and not only because a childhood friend's Mom works with this nonprofit, but it's just an AMAZING thing that I feel like can sometimes have a negative association or fly under the radar.

Tomorrow night at 7p, Family Promise of Southern New Hampshire is putting on their biggest fundraiser of the year -- Homeward Bound -- a virtual celebration and silent auction that will raise funds to help them with their mission: fighting homelessness for local families that have unfortunately been struck by it.

And here's the reason why it stands out to me so much -- it's not even that I'm hosting the event tomorrow night (which I'm so grateful for Family Promise of Southern New Hampshire for letting me do and get involved -- it's the fact that homelessness can legitimately happen out of nowhere. Especially now.

One minute, you're employed and possibly getting a great salary. Living in a huge house. Never have to guess when your next meal will be or where it will come from. How you're going to get from Point A to Point B. If your family will be appropriately provided for. And the next minute, you can get laid off because 2020 and COVID and pandemic budget crushing.

This will sound completely dramatic and I own it, but when I got laid off last January, one of the first things that crossed my mind was, "Oh my god -- I'm in the middle of the country by myself. I have a dog that I JUST adopted a few months ago and have expenses to make sure he's healthy and well. How am I going to pay rent? How am I going to pay bills? How am I going to eat? Eventually whatever is in my bank account will run out!"

And it's overdramatic because after I took a deep breath, I knew that I could always come home. I knew that either one of my parents would let me crash with them until I got back on my feet. I knew that I was going to be OK, no matter what. I'm lucky enough to have people in my life that won't let me sink/drown. But not everyone has that luxury. And going from the high-life to having no place to live is a reality for some people. Sure, I was overdramatic, but that feeling was one of the most internally suffocating ever. I NEVER wish that feeling or worry on anyone.

That's why this event excites me -- because it does and brings a lot of GOOD, and the money raised stays LOCAL. It helps OUR families in New England that NEED help. It's not one of those things where you donate money and have no idea where it actually goes. You KNOW that when you donate or you place a bid (on what are INSANELY awesome items), it's going to a family that you may know that has no place to go now. More importantly, it could be going to a family that you know, but they you have no idea they're in need.

You can find out more about the Homeward Bound event by going to Family Promise of Southern New Hampshire's website, plus you can check out some of the items that are up for silent auction NOW ALREADY on their Facebook page!

But heads up -- this baby is mine, so don't outbid me. (Kidding, outbid the heck out of me -- it's all for an AMAZING cause.)

See you (virtually) tomorrow night at 7p -- let's do some GOOD, New England!

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